KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Two days to go..

I have been counting days.. weeks and month.
I” became ”we” and we have been working days, month, years.

The dates has changed several times.
The plan has changed several times.
But the goal has always stayed the same: Be able to offer a new solution, offer KORI: encourage freedom while encouraging safety.

Today the countdown is two days.. when this day is over, we are one day to go.

Am I ready for this day?
Are we ready?
Actually I dont know…

But what I do know is: KORI is ready.

Monday, October 17, 2011


kori back protector in production, made in i sweden

Today we are off for a visit in the factory! We made a decision to keep KORI "Made in Sweden", today we are excited to see our KORI back protectors in production. 

kori back protector in production, made in i sweden

Friday, October 7, 2011

Another interesting week..

Though now I start feeling a difference…something has changed… being in the paper and releasing the video-teaser last Friday and attending the Methodmag Frontline Rail Jam last Saturday seem to have changed things slightly…

This week has given us..

..speaking at “Entrepreneurship on Tour”- meetings interesting and inspiring people, and getting great feedback from one more potential KORI user – who really understood the value of being able to store his equipment after getting of the bike - great! Thank you for your nice feedback!

Purchasing all (almost…) small things that is needed around KORI to be able to administrate, package & ship KORI in the best and most convenient way..
Releasing our second video-clip.. see the video! 
kori back protector back pack video

Brooding about the lost of a great inspiration (Steve jobs 2011-10-05)..

And above that, by mail, getting our first KORI-christmas-present-reservation!

Today – Friday! I sit and smile to a blue sky, thinking of all I’ve learned, all impressions I have gotten… the rain from yesterday is gone, today the sun is shining… enhancing the feeling that something is starting to change…

KORI has taken one step up, to the next level...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The best back protector on the market – Teaser

We just released a short video-teaser! Take a look!