KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank you VentureLab

I would like to write some words about an organisation that has meant a lot to me, personally and to KORI especially –that organisation is named VentureLab.

It is an organisation made out of belief and inspiration.
It is an organisation living in belief, with inspiration.
An organisation that lives beyond a normal everyday life.

I always speak well about this organisation… but the problem is that, that environment can not be put into words – it can only be experienced.

In a way – Venture Lab is a dirty portacabin with about 18 small rooms full of nerdy people… What can be so interesting about that? Well the answer is everything can be interesting about that!

Nerdy people with different interests, different ages and different backgrounds but in the same stage in life – an experimental, curious and brave stage of life – speaking with each other, helping each other, and believing in each other.

At Venture Lab the KORI back protector / backpack idea was developed into a concept.
At Venture Lab KORI was born, the feeling of KORI, the curiosity in KORI and the culture and brand KORI.

Yesterday we met with VentureLab for their 10years anniversary!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snow fest 2011

showing up the new concept kori back protector at snow fest 2011

KORI fully packed with jacket, pants, helmet gloves and goggles!
KORI fully packed with jacket, pants, helmet gloves and goggles!
Snowfest! Dispite rainy weather there were skiers and snowboarders in Lund this early winter day! Weather could have been worse..

The tent, podiums and the dummy flew with the wind and floated with the rain... We were there and showed the new KORI concept, this time KORI was packed with an extra winterjacket, pants, gloves, helmet and not to forget its goggles… there are several ways to use the concept on these sports to…. First we need to introduce it J
We packed up quite early.. but hopefully some happy, wet, winners enjoys our KORI-Seger-Beanies :-) ?

kori back protector at snow fest 2011
Nice jump :-)
kori back protector at snow fest 2011
and...not as nice jump ...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Backpack with protection

backpack within protection kori is a CE certified protector
Read about KORI in the latest number (no12) of the Swedish motorcycle magazine "Allt om MC"

”Backpack within protection
The newly started company KORI, has launched a CE-certified back protector that expands into a backpack. The protective plate used in KORI comes from D3O while the backpack itself is made of nylon. It is available in S, M and L with the volumes 30, 35 and 38 liters. Price on the Swedish market is 4000 skr. More info at  http://www.koriexperience.com/ .

Hey there!
Sophie von Wachenfeldt is an innovator, entrepreneur and the founder of KORI.

How did you get the idea?
- I took my motorcycle licence a couple of years ago. I always want to wear maximum protection when I ride and soon I discovered the trouble with carrying all my equipment once off the bike. As I was studying industrial design, a natural step for me, was to realize my ideas.”

Monday, November 14, 2011

Three fantastic days at the Winter Show fair in Stockholm.

kori back protector back pack at the winter show skiing snowboarding snowkiting
Of course we were nervous, barely two weeks of preparation, a new and relatively unexplored winter-segment (skiers, snowboarders, snowkiting, snowmobile etc.) and the first time outside of our safe sphere with people that likes and believe in KORI.

But KORI were gladly welcomed.

We are out of flyers, the response of the contest has been great and the spontaneous input and feedback has been wonderful. There were so many skiers, kiters, snowboarders and even snowmobilers, horse-riders and motorcyclists who came by, tried KORI out and perceived the KORI concept. Of course KORI does not meet everyone’s needs – but KORI surely seem to fill up an empty space that many people now are aware of.

We also have great input on functional accessories and supplements that would

About to leave the fair, we first got chased by a man who was afraid to miss the our  contest and secondly we were chased by a man who was anxious not to miss the chance of buying his own KORI-Seger-beanie.

Thank you Tott Hotel and Winter Show for some great days in Stockholm!

You will find photoes from the Winter Show at Facebook!

kori back protector back pack at the winter show skiing snowboarding snowkiting

kori back protector back pack at the winter show wit active ski travel, skiing snowboarding snowkiting

kori back protector back pack at the winter show skiing snowboarding snowkiting
Sebastian von Wachenfeld, part owner of KORI experience AB

kori back protector back pack with tott hotel åre sweden at the winter show skiing snowboarding snowkiting
The team at Tott Hotel together with the KORI team!

kori back protector back pack at the winter show with the polar bear skiing snowboarding snowkiting
KORI with the very nice polar bear :-)

kori back protector back pack at the winter show skiing snowboarding snowkiting
Anders from Tärnaby Kite is testing the D3O back protector :-) bildtext

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Moving forward..

kori advisory board in discussion about the future.
KORI's advisory board in discussion for the future! Mats Ögren, Johan Ulriksson, Per-Arne Stenlund.

If you might have missed it - KORI is right in a shift where we go from preparing and production into action.

Today I had our first meeting with the KORI advisory board.

These meeting makes me think about who I am and how I came to be here.. How does it come that three intelligent persons with an impressive portfolio takes their time to sit with me and giving 100% focus to my company – my KORI.

During 2 hours we talked about ourselves, who we are and who we were. They spoke about their experience and I spoke about my inexperience. We spoke about KORI who we are and where we would like to be. This was only the first meeting. It felt great and I look forward to be working with them.

They will speak about success and mistakes while I will speak about vision and values.

I admire them and I am thankful for having the chance to get to know them.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vacancy, well not yet..

This weekend, I was asked if it felt like a big vacancy now after all years of work and finally reaching our goal to have our KORIs back protection complete, delivered and ready to be sold...

... I just shook my head.

I've been thinking a bit on my reaction, what does it really feel like? Have I reached my goal or have I reached the starting line?

I know that I have asked myself the same thing before: “what will the feelings be when we get there?”. It is definitely not the same feeling as the emptiness after a deadline of handing in a report, the anticlimax before the next project starts.

It's not until now that KORI can come true. It is not until now that the KORI back protector can be brought into use. And (!) it is now we can begin to fill up the need that started it all.

I also got the comment that "you should tell your boss to take it easy"… but it is not that easy, when you’ve just heard the starting pistol and it is time to kick-off - full speed ahead?
This weekend we will be in the winter show in Stockholm!

On December the third we will be in SnowFest in Lund!

The only thing I feel right now is - Here we come!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It starts with the box.

The first box: 1 minute and 30 seconds
The second box:  1 minute 0 seconds
Third box: 40sek
..fourth: 32sek
..fifth: 30 sec

I changed technique and managed in 23 seconds.
The seventh ended up in 30 seconds again, but the last three I did in 1 minute ... Then, then it went fast!

Then, the day went on inside the packing room ..
Papercut .. .. I didnt think a patch box was needed in the packing room ... but a couple of "blood marks" later ... realized it.

Unpacking - Assemblying - printing - Signing - moment after moment and then suddenly - where are the lace locks?

The ​​lace locks are left at the factory ..

So while I continue to assemble, sign and pack - measuring times and efficiency - we await the last part, the lace locks.

So .. the first day with all the products and a full day at the ”warehouse” ... To sum the day up - I feel love when I'm working with the products, no mather how un, time-consuming and so far unstructured, it may be, it feels incredibly good.

We have come to a reach one goal - but now it's time to learn another bunch of newstuff! Now it's time to land on Earth and start working!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

KORI is up and running!

kori back protector back pack, final delivery from the factory has arrived
It is amazing! We are ready to go.

The last couple of weeks: we have received delivery after delivery
D3Oback protectors – check
Wrapping paper and string – check
Mailingbags – check
Booklets and tags – check
Stamp – check
Labels – check
Printer and address labels- check
The package – check.

Today: the last, and “maybe” most important most important delivery has arrived from Småland!

Today: our own web shop is up.

Today we have informed our pre-orders that their products has arrived.

Tomorrow they will be packed and sent away.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Two days to go..

I have been counting days.. weeks and month.
I” became ”we” and we have been working days, month, years.

The dates has changed several times.
The plan has changed several times.
But the goal has always stayed the same: Be able to offer a new solution, offer KORI: encourage freedom while encouraging safety.

Today the countdown is two days.. when this day is over, we are one day to go.

Am I ready for this day?
Are we ready?
Actually I dont know…

But what I do know is: KORI is ready.

Monday, October 17, 2011


kori back protector in production, made in i sweden

Today we are off for a visit in the factory! We made a decision to keep KORI "Made in Sweden", today we are excited to see our KORI back protectors in production. 

kori back protector in production, made in i sweden

Friday, October 7, 2011

Another interesting week..

Though now I start feeling a difference…something has changed… being in the paper and releasing the video-teaser last Friday and attending the Methodmag Frontline Rail Jam last Saturday seem to have changed things slightly…

This week has given us..

..speaking at “Entrepreneurship on Tour”- meetings interesting and inspiring people, and getting great feedback from one more potential KORI user – who really understood the value of being able to store his equipment after getting of the bike - great! Thank you for your nice feedback!

Purchasing all (almost…) small things that is needed around KORI to be able to administrate, package & ship KORI in the best and most convenient way..
Releasing our second video-clip.. see the video! 
kori back protector back pack video

Brooding about the lost of a great inspiration (Steve jobs 2011-10-05)..

And above that, by mail, getting our first KORI-christmas-present-reservation!

Today – Friday! I sit and smile to a blue sky, thinking of all I’ve learned, all impressions I have gotten… the rain from yesterday is gone, today the sun is shining… enhancing the feeling that something is starting to change…

KORI has taken one step up, to the next level...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The best back protector on the market – Teaser

We just released a short video-teaser! Take a look!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"She wants to protect people in speed"

Article in the paper "Skånska Dagbladet"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Meeting Filip Ljungberg at Air Wipp

KORI meets with Filip from Air Wipp - testing the back protector for parkour and freerunning

There are several types of what is known as an entrepreneur... myself I do not know what to call them ... The word entrepreneur is to me a very loaded word with  different meanings for different people .. What I want to talk about is something that is partially covered by the word entrepreneur, partially of something else ..

When I met Philip Ljungberg from AirWipp today I felt something that I think many people (including myself) are talking about in this context! Skillfulness - commitment - optimism - openness and above all joy!

The offering will be good - better and even the best! The road there's supposed to be open humble and funny, without forgetting the bends with -ier and-est! If you believe in it and live according to it then it feels like it will succeed. There, I think I (Sophie) on Kori and Filip at Air Wipp agrees!

.. some people develop products ...
.. others develop themselves and their talents ...

Some people call it entrepreneurship.
What I like to call it today is a good feeling in my stomach!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back in the garage…

This time it might look like we were preparing to start up a garden centre, but no, KORI has not changed path yet… we were actually measuring the volume of KORI as a back pack and its different sizes – before we knew that it was big, now we know exactly how big!
S: 30L
M: 35L
L: 38L
A happy result – who could have imagined such volume from something that seems to be totally flat??

Friday, September 9, 2011

Photo shooting in the garage…

kori back protector back pack photo shooting in garage

It is supposed to start in the garage ... isn't it? and, like Apple, we wanted (without access to the other options) also have the "garage" in our story about KORI. This weekend turned the garage into our photo studio.

With this photo shooting we want to convey how good KORI is as a back protector and how cool KORI is as a backpack! At least 1,000 product images and a few hours of film will now be reviewed and edited, phew! The results will eventually ...
kori back protector back pack photo shooting in the garage

kori back protector back pack photo shooting in garage
Sebastian von Wachenfeldt photo handeling the photo shooting of kori back protector back pack
sophie von Wachenfeldt happily photo shooting her back protector back pack

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Out of fuel on the highway...

kori ryggskydd ryggsäck underlättar vid en plötslig soppatorsk..

I could take the story of how the bike “suddenly” was empty on fuel and that I, the seconds before relised that I have to get home before the storm comes ... How the rain comes, smashing me in the face while I am walking along the highway on my way to the nearest gas station and how the sun came out 3 minutes later laughing at me walking around in the whole set of motorcycle equipment... and how the guy at the gas station put the encouraging comment "but then you get some exercise anyway?" and how I give him a poor little smile as a reply ...

I could tell the story of how bitter I was ..

But instead, I thought what the hell… what is there to complain about,  I am that I had KORI as back protector on the back, avoid to walk around with sweaty jacket and rainy soaked leatherpants in the sunshine… summerdays can be unpredictable… but I can be flexible!

So instead of being bitter, I think - Kori made ​​my day. Actually I made ​​my day ...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Workshop and delivery!

On today's agenda: Workshop á la structure! Our Kori team got together and put up the marketing plan for the fall! What? Where? When? How? Why?
Do we have the resources? 
Is it worth it? Can we? Do we want to?
Now we have the answers, or at least something close to the answers.

final prototyp for kori back protector backpack

In addition to today's agenda: Delivery! New samples from the factory!
Yay! Final Prototype number .... lost count .... but what I can say is: 
Now it looks really, really good!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Monday Morning ... flabby waiting for tomorrow ...

Now it arrvied... the emptiness and the easily distracted curiosity that pops up when you do not know where to start .. it's "only" those last threads to be tied now...

I thought the day would start fine ... I missed in fact the rain, all the way on dry pavement! 
Rain came 2sec after I undressed the equipment, packed it in Kori and went  in ...

BUT when I came in and blipped my tag to get into the department it showed redlight ... 
I'm running down the stairs and tell the administation that it does not work - apparently I have beaten the wrong code too many times... so my tag is blocked!

Then it was fixed, is merely back up the stairs and to the door where I'm going to "blip my tag .." YES THAT'S IT! That was why I could´nt get in last time ...
Down again to get a new temporary tag ... and up again ...

Then I sat in the office for 30 minutes ... and got nothing done ... tried to start something ... get distracted by the other and start thinking about the third ... it's probably time for a coffee and full focus on preparing for tomorrow.

- BEACUSE thats when we nail the autumn plan!

Monday, August 29, 2011

WOW - Now it's really time!

NEW website is up, finally!!!
Go and take a look at: www.kori.se!! and please come with input and comments - it is appreciated J

The website describes one of the secrets I have hinted about earlier ... a collaboration between KORI and d3o: an innovative and fascinating material. This collaboration will lift KORI to another level!
So ...
....KORIs new site is up!
....100p of KORI is now ready for production!
... now it´s already possible to reserve Kori (.. and it has already begun)!

And last but certainly not least ...
.....soon ... you can also buy KORI ..... crazy ...
It is incredible! 
That is soooo cool!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Horror turned into enthusiasm ..

In short, I felt terrified .. What we've been working on for so long, that has been delayed again and again began to approach the dangerous reality.. long to-do-lists, difficult legal documents, financial decisions ...

BUT what was once a confused fear is now an impatient and great enthusiasm.

I needed distance to get back to the gut-feeling. After some time with family and friends, good food and unplanned days, summer sun and lapping waves, fear is blown away.

Now we're back. I feel like newly in love. I have got butterflies in my stomach.
Now I don´t want any more of the so-called holiday... 
- Now is the time!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love of Adventure!

Last summer both me and KORI went on adventures:
Traveling in Sweden on a motorcycle.

But today I would like to highlight two adventurers who left the everyday life and dared to follow their lust for adventure: Roberto and Jonas from "Escape Everyday life" interviewed on swedish radio station P3 yesterday morning. Their journeys awakens the desire to travel and to challenge yourself and your motorcycle!
Read about their motorcycle trips around the world on their blog.

I myself think that my life's adventure is KORI, in terms of speaking, this is a satisfaction for me to escape everyday life, to go my own way and to ensure that my profession will be an adventure that revolves around something I believe in and love - the feeling of freedom, flexibility and spontaneity - the freedom to run around on my motorcycle...

One thing I love about myself is that I'm inspired by others .. Roberto and Jonas inspires me - they inspires KORI!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Everyone talks about the holiday. Holiday Weeks. Vacation Plans. Vacation. Vacation. Vacation .. It makes me wonder if I will ever take a vacation ..

In order to say that you will have holiday as well, you need to be employed and actually get paid to be off .. a slightly strange phenomenon if, possibly, logically. I've never been in "vacation" system, so I probably can not comment.

For my part, it is up to me to take time off, to relax and enjoy life. It is my responsibility that I give myself time off ... and getting paid, Well that's something that I don't get anyway, so why would I expect to get paid to be free :-)

For me, the concept of vacation is difficult to grasp. It is well clear that I one day will have to get some understanding on this and understand that I need to get paid... maybe both for job and leave, at least if only to understand the importance of the holiday to my prospective employees :-)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today I am a tired lawyer...

It's easy to get tired of contracts and law. For a long time I asked myself the question before every similar situation is whether the law scares more than it solves? Yes, the contract takes time! The questions that arise are difficult and often sensitive and the formulations of clauses are endless in their interpretations.

But - this applies that both parties agree on why the contract or agreement is written. The one that you write an agreement with is not a counterpart but a partner, that's the main reason for the agreement to be written.. for us it is a contract... a tool to discuss points that are of importance to the cooperation (before, during and after). The aim is to improve the conditions for the future NOT to wait for problems that may arise along the way.

The problem arises when one party shows interest in understanding on cooperation (agreement / contract) while the other does not even seem to understand what is in their own "proposals for cooperation." We understand it is not really dislike in the sense of lack of confidence, but rather lack of knowledge and time to understand the situation.

We have a common desire for a future cooperation, but between us we have heavy clauses. Interpreting space. Lack of time. Important decisions ... and signatures that can not be given until both understand ... Today, it feels heavy.

I need a break, a little food in the stomach and possibly a stroll in the summer sun...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a great atmosphere!

For several (stupid) reasons, it was a long time ago that I took the time to go away on a motorcycle gathering... When I was younger, in Stockholm (but with neither a  car or motorcycle licence) "Brostugan" was a standing item on the program for wednesday evenings.
There were people, there were cars and there were bikes!

Now I experienced the feeling again - on the "Tuesday meetings" in Löddeköpinge, the mood! The crowd, engine sounds, sun, heat, summer feeling, the music and the cars and above all - the bikes!

That it was a really awesome band in place and played was a bonus! Vaganza Trailerpark, can be highly recommended! They will play several gigs this summer and I'll easily keep track of when I can attend next time! Nice sound - Nice rock. 
Smiling, joy and good tunes!

On two occasions I passed people who were talking about how difficult and hot it was with biker clothes ... the dark side of driving a bike.. not at all, I could just easily walk around with clothes and helmet bundled on my back .. soon very soon... KORI will come to their rescue.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We´ve gone fishing! :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

2 x KORI = Twice as good !

KORI on the bike, both with and without a motor!

On the motorcycle: end the week on the design exhibition (where I will be exhibiting my thesis!) On old cornershop "Hemköp" in central city of Lund. Park on a back street, undress, pack up and go away. Piece of cake, as always!

On your bike: earlier this spring I moved (with partner and cat) into the country, about 20kms to the office with pretty nice bike paths. My graduation present from myself and my partner became this amazing bike! In addition to a test drive to the office last week, got to show what it went for this weekend. With an average speed of 28km/h still feels quite ok, as the first round on a windy Sunday afternoon! Obviously KORI went on my back for the bike test!

KORI felt comfortable, flexible, easy and above all adaptable to the content. Thanks to KORII had quick access to water (more about this later), the opportunity to have an extra shirt with, good place for mobile (which of course was to measure and map the entire tour) .. . after testing the bike with KORI, I can hardly imagine to jump on the bike again without ..
Otherwise it´s been a slow day at the office. In addition to a newly filed application for the Innovation Award (kudos Emil!!)
So I have tried to compile clauses and materials to begin the as yet little secretive collaboration as we speak so plenty of :-) this is difficult and it takes time. .. but with the help of great lawyers who can handle this type of writings we get an understanding of what we are getting into before we take the next step forward.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More packets to send!

Just over a month ago we sent a package that returned home with good news. There was good news about a partnership that creates a really cool and unique product. Thanks to the good news, we now have been able to send off another exciting package ... Package includes, but one embroidered logo, a complete prototype. The prototype contains in turn a CE-marked back protection of the higher standard (Level 2). This is amazing and I promise to tell you more about the good news soon!
It feels a little weird to wrap a protective product in double-layers of bubble wrap .. but for some strange reason it feels better that way :-). This time we send KORI on its first product test. I promise to follow up on how it went, as soon as we got the result :-) Incredibly exciting!
This post resulted in two promises - two promises that means a lot to us - we look forward to keep them!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Money! Pooh and Moaning!

I'm not someone who is good at this subject ... As an entrepreneur, you are expected to be a person whose primary motivation is money, the dream of becoming rich and wealthy? Sometimes it feels like the whole society is built up after that we "should" have this abstract phenomenon, money, as a driver ..

Personally, I do not I, I understand (maybe) the importance of money, I understand (maybe) the purpose of the money, but I certainly do not understand the logistics of money!

Money. Money. Money.
Money is for me an abstract phenomenon in the form of numbers, banking, accounting, liquidity, budget, expenses, calculations, tax declaration, tax ... in the future, all this with the help of a little magic (which can also be called the strategy and / or business) turn into revenue, profits and profitability ...

As an entrepreneur, and as in the relatively near future in great need of money this blog post is not the best tactic to attract an investment ... it is not the purpose. The purpose of this blog is purely to dispel my thoughts ... that spins and spins ... I do not believe that you can attract sponsors with beautiful, promising excel sheets. Something more is needed to make the deal credible and achievable!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Try to beat my week...

First of all... we got good news from a possible collaboration that would mean alot, and really (ALOT!) for KORI, cant say more than that right now... but it was a good step for the KORI back protector!

Secondly, tuesday we (me and Maria) met Isabella Löwengrip, an inspiring young serial-entrepreneur also called "Blondinbella", she really gave an "ego-boost"

Sophie von Wachenfeldt Maria och Isabella Löwengrip Blondinbella

To meet with Isabella me and Maria took the motorbike and we got the chance to test an old vs new prototype of the KORI back protector backpack, of course it was well used letting us go to the event without all the equipment, very nice feeling! 

kori back protector backpack prototypes new prototype vs new prototype
new prototype vs an old prototype - a nice difference!
Then came wednesday and it was time to meet Alexander Osterwalder: A businessmodel guru whom inspired us to think wider and bigger about the business model for KORI!! Thank you Alexander Osterwalder, Teknopol, Minc and Malmö Stad for this event!

kori gets inspired by alexander osterwalder

So Thursday we did the Alex Osterwalder-business model-workshop!

inspired by alexander osterwalder we did a business model workshop

inspired by alexander osterwalder we did a business model workshopinspired by alexander osterwalder we did a business model workshop

and many other things... a great week I would say!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It feels so right!

Yesterday I had a fantastic day on the course of "Knutstorp" with "Sweden motorcyclists" (www.svmc.se). I would again like to congratulate them for this lovely motorcycle organization that stands for everything you want from a bike culture: great atmosphere, great personal training of good instructors. Simply a lovely day that floated on with a constant smile on your face and a tingle in the stomach.

The purpose of yesterday's course (BKK: Better Driving Skills) was learning to drive safer on the road. Find balance, stability, learning to take curves, position yourself so that oncoming traffic is able to detect early and not to forget "to become one with your motorcycle and your driving style." For me, the goal was primarily to teach me to handle turns and tight curves better. Previously, I felt a certain nervousness in tight curves so that sometimes I miss one of the most wonderful feelings running motorcycle  (cornering) but primarily makes me rigid and impairs my driving skills considerably.

The best thing about a day like this is that it significantly enhances the experience: balance, security, knowledge, driving characteristics ... The freedom and safety!
When we went home for the evening, I felt soo happy. Pleased with the day and my performance with my motorcycle. Satisfied with KORI's prototype which of course was on the track and felt comfortable, responsive and stable! Pleased to be a part of this atmosphere, both personally and professionally ... Satisfied!
It feels just right now!
KORI - For Freedom. With Security.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back protector makes it so easy!

Keep in mind that it can actually be easy - to enjoy a warm, sunny summerday on a motorcycle in the center of Malmö!
So this was it: I had to run an errand in the town center of Malmo today.
A beautiful day like this, I would not like to go by train or in the car.
A  beautiful day like this there is no doubt - I want to ride a motorcycle!
A beautiful day like this, I wanted to take the opportunity to eat lunch on the town with a great friend!

This is what I did - I began by texting my amazing friend, double-checking that she wants to meet me. When I got it confirmed I sat on the motorcycle and drove off (dressed with all safety ofcourse!).
When I came to Malmö ("Lilla Torg" roughly) I turned into the small and constantly full parking lot at the main square - parked without problems (motorcycle parking). Now I was about 50 meters from the place I was going to.
Then I shut the engine, jumped off the bike and gave thanks for a great ride. Took off my equipment, packed it down - and walked away.
Did my case. Ate a nice lunch. Went back to the motorcycle. Got dressed with the equipment - and drove away. Easy as pie. It should not have to be harder than this!   :-)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The sun is shining today again!

These periods of delays, reminiscent mail and surprised "to-do" lists often feels quite heavy. But yesterday I had a fantastic day! I was first in school and wrote my thesis (in June, I take my Master in Industrial Design) and creativity came off (finally!) I got a lot of steps forward in the project - woohoo!

After a brief "photo session" with our new employee Emil and Mary of Fia Jobs (fiajobs.se) the day ended calmly and inspiring with good sandwiches and a cold beer at the Innovation Bar (innovationsbaren.com).
It was like I said a great day and today feels just as good.

Two exciting meetings: In the morning, we will go through our future marketing plan and this afternoon I have a meeting with our web agency (irradience.se) to ensure that we as soon as possible can get up our new super fancy website! Then I will end the days normal business hours with an "After Work" on the roof terrace in the afternoon sun with another cold beer. Then the evening's quiet shift will  take hold of the last items on the "to-do" list.

The sun is shining and I enjoy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Time = Money… Aha!

SO, if everything takes longer to build up, is that giving it a higher value?

Or have we understood things wrong :-)?
April gets May becomes June, later. 2-4 weeks becomes 5 weeks, 6 weeks and later. Sometimes it feels like that for every day that passes we are delayed for a week, a month one ..... Had we been able to do something different? Yeah, sure, lots, but the question is whether it had gone smoother?
We are trying to find a healthy balance between building relationships, creating genuine cooperation and build mutual trust. At the same time, we must not miss the importance of being able to make demands, deliver and above all be able to come to closure. So what we're trying to do is build a working business relationship with ...... This, takes time. Time is money.
So, if we're talking about money and to measure time in terms of money, it means that the more time it takes to build a business relationship, the more value we build in our company :-)
Here's where I put words to what I would actually like to say, that we have some points in our reasoning: a partnership that is built for 2 months instead of one week feels more durable and reliable than a partnership that gets to an end in just a couple of days. The striving for a long cooperation will therefore make it float better and the expectations are mutual.
Yeah, now in Eastertime, it feels pretty good that things are taking a bit too long... it means that the we can relax! Or...?
Happy Easter from us at KORI!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The magazine "MC-Folket" reports: Pack properly!

This week SMC's member magazine "MC-Folket" came in our mailbox. Just read an interesting story in the magazine about "how-to pack properly," a good, readable story for those of you who have the magazine at home! The big question in the story is thus: How to get all the equipment along on the motorcycle when you go on vacation or bike meetings during the weekends...

We at KORI would now raise the question: What are you doing with your safety equipment, jacket, pants and helmet, when you get off your motorbike on a holiday tour, bike meetings, on the beach or in the town?

Soon there will be a report that addresses just this question... and thats where KORI comes into the picture!

Friday, April 8, 2011

April weather! But good end of the week!

Sun Wind and Water .. it really shows that we are already in april, decision angst month. While our mother earth has had difficulties in determining what weather will prevail... is KORI's decisions lined up in a queue, small and large, easy to difficult. Sometimes it feels just "decisions as decisions" the most important thing is that you take a ... decision ... phew! 

BUT, we run the simple variant - the best option to win! As we said we are neither interested in compromise or to make it difficult for us.  

Today I met Emil Gemfors and Maria Engström, two amazing students from MBA program. They gave a good presentation along with the rest of their group two weeks ago and their development plan was substantial and growing, so I was really happy when I got an email about their will to meet and to take this a step further.

It's incredibly inspiring that they have shown interest in wanting to work with us and KORI, it feels incredible. So we have had this gain in KORI, this is really exciting!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Launch, yes! But not yet...

Ok ... where do I begin .. there is a lot going on. Every day, we take a couple of steps forward and then two steps back .. We have encountered some problems concerning material deliveries, delivery times and shipping qualities. Now we are once again on the way forward and we now have two paralella traces. We will choose the one that takes us all the way and hopefully even further.

That the market launch is delayed amazes unfortunately not anyone that previously been in the same situation ... On the part of KORI, it depends solely on that we have promised ourselves and our brand not to work on compromises (!) We want to work with and against the best option. If we get into a situation where there is risk having to compromise then we rather choose to renew and above all improve.

Because of that we postponed the launch from April to May. This week we have decided that we unfortunately will not launch KORI in May, maybe not even in June .. But we will introduce KORI this year!
We are sorry to announce this, but as I said, we're working on it to become and remain the best! AND we will compensate this with an attractive introductory offer!So hold out and be ready.

Ofcourse, the pre-orders already placed are also included in this offer!
The one who waits for something good...

We wish you  a nice weekend here at KORI!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Then it was finally time again ..

Tuesday 15 March we went to  "SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden". This time we did not test material samples. Now we are going to be CE certified!

The process has started and we are prepared for a roller-coaster of ups and downs.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Suddenly back to square one again.

After a much needed week of vacation and back to the office. Then it came. Suddenly!

When we just started giving up hope. Suddenly...
After a few phone calls reported news came:
"We have found the material! We will send it to the factory in the morning! "
I'm just saying, thanks Tomas! We were back on track!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A needed break in the Alps

Once in February, the days are filled with very mixed feelings. Enthusiasm and expectations fought with emptiness and anxiety.

For my part, I took a break, left the office and went on a ski trip. The ski trip was well deserved and much needed! And not only that, we got the chance to really experience the benefits of KORI even on the ski slope!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It will come at some point .. adversity ..

When we needed it least we got also an unexpected e-mail instead of a delivery note: "The material ... is unable to get hold of, it is no longer a stock item." Material is not? What do they mean? We've held it in our hands, touched it, tested it with  SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Ooohhh we had decided to do so! It was the best of the best, why does´t it exist?! Cursed. Amazed. Zero Collateral. Suddenly we are at square zero again ... ou are not at square zero, but to square minus one hundredth

We did not think it was an option to go to the "next best" combination. So what did we do...? We waited, emailed, phoned, waited, emailed, called and waited...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Motorcycle Fair

It was time again, on 27-30 January, after a year hiatus, it was back - Sweden's biggest motorcycle fair.

No, KORI did not participate - we are not there yet, but we went there and we got the chance to meet them all. We had to meet to get to know the industry and we got a taste of what the season will be able to offer.

Some of them we met:
SMC - a great organization for all Swedish Motorcyclists!
SVEMO - What would motorcycle sport be without Svemo? Swedish Motorcycle and Snowmobile Federation.
Bilsport&MC - the insurance company that understands the motorcyclist.
Motorrad - Our Swedish edition of Europe's biggest motorcycle magazine!
Bike - A sporty, yet wide motorcycle magazine for all of us who love to ride motorcycles.
MC-Nytt - Sweden's oldest motorcycle magazine to highlight the joy we experience as motorcyclists.
AlltomMC - magazine with genuine passion for riding bikes in all forms.

See "on-two-wheels-movie" where motorcyclists talk about their feelings about the bike - always great to hear! Freedom. Joy. Adventure.

The MC Fair really gave us butterflies in the stomach. Much-needed under the circumstances!