KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Protection + storage = true

The concept of having protection and storage in the same product evolved from the belief that a safety product should be of practical use in more situations than ”only” in the saving situation.  Being able to get extra storage or on the other hand make a storage vanish is valuable in many scenarios, here are some examples of scenarios for the upcoming winter season in the slopes:
kori back protector backpack going skiing snowboarding
First of all do not disregard the situations around the actual activities where all equipment is present and is transported from place to place. The KORI back protector can be used as a backpack in all these situations, storing your equipment on the way to the slopes and back from the slopes. Then use it as a back protector in the slope.

back protector backpack back country skiing
It might be that you are exploring new areas walking up the mountains, a scenario where you often need less warming equipment than when going downhill. Stuff the jacket, helmet, goggles, food and beverage in the backpack and on the way down, you’ll have no fluttering on the back as the backpack then is used, folded in as a back protector.
back protector backpack hydration pack
Hydration is important for your body, your mind and your concentration. Just by putting a hydration bladder in your KORI back protector KORI is easily used as a hydration pack and you’ll always have beverage available. 

back protector backpack store jacket in springtime skiing
And winter landscapes are not always cold. Spring skiing is a nice way to mix summer feelings with the joy of snow. On these days the temperatures might change a lot during the day or on different sides of the mountain. With KORI, by giving you the storage volume that you need for the moment, you’ll always have the advantage to undress or dress up.
back protector backpack after ski storage
And, why not, after a nice day in the slopes, store your equipment neat and tidy on the after ski and make sure you get all your equipment with you home.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

A real backprotector and... backpack!

KORI review in the motorcycle magazine Moto73 in Netherlands.
kori rug beschermer zak kori back protector backpack moto 73

Back Protective bag
See here a real back protector and ... backpack! It is called D3O Viper Pro. It is a back protector that you put on like a backpack: including chest strap and a flexible belt around the waist, which you can easily attach with Velcro. You wear your motorcycle equipment over it, from which you of course remove the built-in protection, if possible. The back protector meets all requirements for materials and protection (EN 1621-2, level 2, the highest possible). It feels comfortable and keeps your back warm. One advantage at high temperatures can be felt as a drawback: despite the airy material you get at temperatures above 25 degrees anyway once a sweaty back. The back protection is removable and the rest is then washable. I met the creator and the motorcyclist Sophie von Wachenfeldt in Sweden, where she lives and works. "I never knew where I would leave my stuff when I took a motorcycle tour." explaining how she has come to this. And so evolved the idea: This back protector is also a backpack. And it easily adapts to what you put in it. An extra sweater, a newspaper or when taking a walk in a city, if needed, your whole motorcycle equipment, including helmet! With the continuous "lacing" Kori becomes exactly the size needed. Weight of this back protection Viper Pro is be between 1170 and 1450 grams, depending on which of the three available sizes you need.
I have tested the Viper Pro for a few thousand miles. It feels excellent comfortable. And as a backpack KORI Viper Pro also works excellent. A whole motorcycle equipment fits inside, when you want to visit something. But you can also get your papers and a camera with you on your bike.

Available: on the webb
Price: 450EURO
Colour: black/grey
Testperson: Willem Laros

Original text:
Rug beschermer zak
zie hier een heuse rugbeschermer en...rygzak! D3O Viper Pro heet het apparaat. het is een rugbeschermer die je aantrekt als een rugzak: inclusief borstriempje en een flexibele band om je middel, die je gemakkelijk met klittenband vastzet. Daar overheen draag je motorpak, waaruit je natuurlijk wel de rugbescherming verwijdert als dat kan. De rugbeschermer voldoet aan alle eisen qua materiaal en bescherming (EN 1621-2, niveau 2; het hoogst mogelijke). Hij voelt comfortabel aan en houdt bovendien de rug warm. Een voordeel dat zich bij hoge temperatuur laat voelen als een nadeel: ondanks het luchtige material krijg je boven de 25 graden toch snel een natte rug. De rugbescherming is uitneembaar en de rest daarna wasbaar. Ik ontomoet bedenkster en motorrijdster Sophie von Wachenfeldt in Zweden, waar ze woont en werkt. "Nooit wist ik waar ik mijnspullen moest laten als ik ergens met de motor naar toe rij". Legt ze uit hoe ze hierop is gekomen. En zo ontstond het idee: deze rugbeschermer is namelijk tegelijk  een rugzak. Die zich gemakkelijk aanpast aan wat je erin stopt. Een extra trui, een tijdschrift of, voor een wandelingetje in een stad, desnoods je hele motorpak, inclusief helm! Met de doorlopende "veter" neemt de Kori precies de omvang aan die nodig is. Het gewicht van de Viper Pro bedraagt tussen de 1170 en 1450 gram, afhankelijk van welke van de drie beschikbare maten je nodig hebt.
Ik heb de Viper Pro intussen gedurende enkele duizenden kilometers getest. Hij voelt buitengewoon comfortabel aan. En als rugzak functioneert de Viper Pro eveneens prima. Een heel motorpak past erin, als je iets wilt bezoeken. Maar ook je waardevolle papieren en een camera kun je zo op je bult meenemen.
verkrijgbaar: via internet
prijs: 450euro
kleruen: zwart/grijs
gebruikt door: Willem Laros
info: www.kori.se 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This is KORI...

kori brand strategy market users in estreme sports summersports
We are a brand that doesn't look upon our users as a market, we look upon our users as a person wich is a part of several markets, summertime...kori brand strategy market users in estreme sports wintersports

... and wintertime.
kori brand strategy products represented by animals and their characteristics and living habits

And we'll have a range of products adapting to our users and their specific need. Products represented by inspirational animals, their characterists and their living habits.
kori brand strategy combining worlds into a new experience
We hope to combine these two worlds and we hope to make this a new experience - Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

KORI in the discussion about oil, transportations and consumption

kori back protector minimizing world transportation with local production in swedenThis morning I heard a great discussion on the radio (Morgonpasset i P3, SverigesRadio) regarding our future and our oil consumption, something that we all are more or less aware of. The Swedish professor in physiology Kjell Aleklett who were guest this morning described “Peak Oil”, how we have reached our maximum in oil consumption and that it cannot continue to increase.

Kjell explains how fish from the Atlantic – is freezed – transported to China to be cut into filets and then transported back, it is cheaper that way… Are we really that greedy?  

As we are talking about China, China is a large and strongly growing nation, we are aware of that. The thing is, as our society looks today, a growing nation implies a growth in oil consumption. Growth = increased consumption = increased production of goods and services - goods and services that needs to be transported by machines that need oil = increased oil consumption. I hope, I do not need to go in to the details why this is bad..

Chinas oil consumptions increases with 7% each year, they are growing today as Sweden did in the 1945-1970, and who are we to tell them not to… We have to let them grow, but we also need to be aware of what this means and come up with a way to change our consumption habits, read oil consumption

The world, and mostly the growing parts of the world, need oil for production and transportation. And of course we, our company KORI, is also a part of this consumption, but at KORI we try to be aware and try to think at least one step ahead.

Our KORIback protector/backpack is mainly made out of polyamide (Nylon) and Polyester which are plastic materials which comes from the oil. Despite this discussion about oil, we still choose to work with plastic textiles because there are no other materials that can live up to their strength and durability which is of essence for the high quality and long lifecycle that we strive for. Also, as Kjell mentioned in the interview, taking oil(plastics) and transforming it into products with a value is much better for the national economy than letting it exhaust. So in the case of choosing materials, we choose long lasting products that wont end up in the growing mountains of garbage.

When we turn the coin and look upon our part in “production and transportation” we are proud and hope to be exemplary. When we started this company, KORI experience AB, many told us to turn to China to find a production. But for several reasons, this discussion in particular, we did not. We were, and still are stubborn with the hope that more people will understand why... ...why we choose to keep our production local, 3 hours drive from our office. With the backup of this very present discussion with “Peak oil” there is no excuse not to…

The relation to consumption read oil is just like any addiction, the difference is that the addict is a whole worlds population and the body is the earth with all its nations and their economy and climate.