KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The protector should feel light and not interfere with the overall experience!

 This weekend, our test pilot, Lina Sundgren together with Ski Unlimited went up in beautiful Lofoten, this time they brought a bunch of ski enthusiasts which they  have  guided through ski tours, fishing trips and refreshing bath in hot tub. When Lina is skiing, she uses our new back protector concept KORI Ocelot, which will be launched at the upcoming winter season 2013/2014.

Lina has been skiing with KORI Ocelot for some time now, on ski tours both in Lofoten, Italy and France. She finds it important that the protector feels light and does not interfere with the overall experience of the tour "What's really great is that this tour I noticed that I actually did not even think that I had a back protection on and that’s really good!"

What Lina appreciate with KORI is that it is so soft and smooth, she also likes the new closure solution of the chest, the former plastic buckle is replaced with a low profile hook in aluminum that gives a slimmer and more comfortable fit and "It feels more durable with it!”

Monday, April 22, 2013

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We often get sort of the same questions regarding the KORI Coyote concept, here are some answers to the most common questions:

Do I wear KORI under the jacket?
Yes. For optimal protection the back protectors are worn underneith the jacket, as close to your spine as possible. KORI back protectors includes D3O Viper PRO which is the absolute softest and most flexible back protector so you do not have to worry about the feeling of having a hard and limiting protection when you're driving - it' should be comfortable to have a back protection on!

Isn’t it warm to wear a back protector under the jacket?
Sure it gets warmer to have a back protector compared to having a loose back plate in the jacket. But KORI is well ventilated and have a 3D-structures polyester mesh against your back that allows the moist air to vent away from the body. However, it is important to also have good material in the clothes you are wearing under the protection.

Can you really put a whole motorcycle equipment in the backpack?
Absolutely! Jacket, pants and a helmet goes down the back protector when it is folded out as a backpack, it may be difficult to understand that an entire motorcycle equipment fits inside a backpack, but we have proven and surprised many with the volume that KORI can provide when it is folded out.
Read an example here!

Can you find KORI without the backpack part?
Sure! We are expanding our product range, KORI Ocelot is a new back protector coming soon. It is for those who do not feel they have the need for backpack but still want to be able to get the comfortable and flexibile properties of KORI's back protector with its comfortable strapping and flexible D3O material! Learn more about KORI Ocelot here!

Why does KORI costs more than other back protectors?
KORI is simply better than all others in every way! Firstly, we make sure that all our products have unique design solutions and features that our competitors do not have, both in function, fit and durability. We also make sure to maintain the highest quality in all our production. All our products are made in Sweden, with the quality and the environmental impact that we feel that we can stand for!

Why have not I heard of KORI before?
KORI is a new concept, a new brand and a brand new company. We came out on the market in 2012 and we spread slowly and surely over the world. We have decided that instead of spending large budgets on offensive marketing, we focus on being responsive to what the market demands and work to meet it through innovative design thinking and optimal solutions – and that way you finally find us anyway!

For more information - visit our website www.koriexperience.com

Friday, April 19, 2013

Believe In Your Ideas!

kori back protector back pack new design from concept to realityTodayKORI will participate in this very exiting event ”Believe in your ideas”. I willtell my story about KORI and show how a simple “every-day-problem” became anproduct-idea which took me on my path that later became KORI. 

This isa weekend course for girls who are curious about entrepreneurship. It is arrangedby Lunds University through one of my favourite organisations – Venture lab! Theweekend will explain ”all about” how it is to start your own business and howto go from idea to business.

Thoughsome say (together with myself) these are things that can not be taught, theseare absolutely things that give an inspiration to gain the curiosity andcourage to find your own path and then learn what it is all about through your ownexperiences.

Aweekend full of entrepreneurial spirit and inspiration – all what business isall about!

Review: "Not just a back protector, KORI is something unique!"

I would like to present Ola, Pelle and Lasse Hansson, three brothers with a passion for motorcycles. Besides having the opportunity to share their interests with each other, they spread their enthusiasm through their Facebook group "Summer Driving on a motorcycle!" (sommarkörningpå motorcykel) and "biketalk" (Hojsnack) where they open up for motorcycle discussions and gather other motorcyclists to drive and experience the wonderful motorcycle tours with them ! Last season, they tested KORI Coyote, below is their response to the concept: 

kori back protector backpack review new design concept

"KORI is something unique. Something that allows one to use the bike more in their daily lives! It is an innovative product that makes it easier for us motorcycle enthusiasts to be it all day! "- Ola Hansson, graphic designer and photographer 

kori back protector backpack review new design concept
 ".. You can fit all the equipment in KORI and be able to go on like" Malmöfestivalen "in just shorts and t-shirt (and motorcycle boots) have probably not done before if you do not have a hiking backpack on his back. I have a hiking backpack, but can not fit the whole equipment in it, however, I get the whole equipment into KORI!"
Lasse Hansson, receptionist / lifeguard staff 

Lasse Hansson also used his back protection to and from work and experienced the benefits of being able to get to work, pack the equipment and hide it away, below are a series of pictures in which he shows how easy it is to use KORI:

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
Came to work with mototorcycle equipment on!

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
Took of the jacket! Back protector fits comfortably undernieth the jacket!

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
it is a flat protector like "all others" picture from front.

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
Opening zippers and starts to open!

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
Motorcycle jeans (including protectors inside) are of and the backpack is open!

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
Motorcycle jeans (with protectors inside) are in the backpack  and leather  jacket (with protectors inside) on its way into the backpack!

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
Motorcycle jeans and jacket is inside, next up is the helmet!

kori back protector back pack store equipment easy ride to work
Motorcycle pants, jacket and helmet is in the backpack! The bag fits tight to the body and the kidneybelt helps to take up the load. The chest strap holds the houlder away from the arms. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Now, the whole family is gathered!

sebastian sales and marketing at kori experience

I would like to welcome my brother, Sebastian (Sebbe) von Wachenfeldt to the KORI team. He has worked with us before and has, along with other things, done a great job with our movies. Now he’ll become a greater part of the KORI team and will work with sales and marketing.
Sebastian, Sebbe, is a creative filmmaker and a dedicated salesman. He has an great sense of quality products and an understanding of strong branding. With a sense for detail and an understanding of the customer he always delivers the best!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Skiing with KORI Coyote

kori coyote back protector backpack soft and smooth back protection
Here, she uses KORI Coyote as a backpack when going shoping!

When Johanna skiing she’s got KORI Coyote back protector/backapack "It's so soft and smooth. I did not even think that I had it when I went. It just was there But Johanna also uses the whole concept of back protection and backpack. The backpack was used as hand luggage on the flight and when skiing "it's perfect to walk past the shop and then use the backpack to pack in."

Johanna loves to be outdoors, cycling holidays and long ice-skating trips are some of her favourite activities. To move and push the body, both for health and for the challenge is her driving force.
In her everyday training Johanna goes kickboxing and running, since she started to run with KORI Squirrel she can not run with any other socks: "They are wonderful! so comfortable to run in and fits like a glove on the foot."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sophie, industrial designer and founder of KORI experience AB

sophie von wachenfeldt skånskan personligt industridesign problem solving
In connection with the design exhibition at the Design / Local / For real in Malmö together with DISC on Form Design Center in Malmö wrote one of Scania's largest newspapers (Skånskan, 2013-04-06) an article on Sophie von Wachenfeldt, Industrial Designer and Founder of Kori experience AB. Solving everyday problems in a creative way she started at a young age.
When she started riding a motorcycle a few years ago, she discovered quickly that it was quite messy with the sharp motorcycle instead, which would be taken on and off, plus helmet. Carrying around things when she arrived somewhere felt awkward.
- It has jacket, pants, helmet and sometimes boots to carry around. It can be quite a hassle. In summer, it is hot. Some motorcyclists choose to drive without pieces of equipment to get rid of all the trouble.

The article also explains how she grew up with the mindset to build custom solutions to problems she encountered, or furniture that she could not find in the market. Today she solves problems every day, both privately and professionally.

read the web version at skånskan.se
read the whole article here!

sophie von wachenfeldt skånskan personligt industridesign problem solving

Our sportsock continues to make people happy!

Our sportsock KORI Squirrel continues to make people happy, here are some of the latest input:

”Have just tested the socks several times in the jogging track! With shoes of course. What fit they have, they stay in place and you do not feel that you have them on. I could not understand that there can be such a difference of socks and stockings. Thank you :-)”
- Margareta Olenmark from Malmö, Sweden

”Damn good running socks!”
- Niklas Herrström from Malmö, Sweden

”The socks are great, I have tried them several times!”           
- Carin Ingold from Zurich, Schweiz

”I've tried the sock on walks with varying length and the longest was the walk of over three hours and then it's important to have a sock that fits comfortably on your foot, so that you avoid blisters. Squirrel was used closest to the foot, with a stocking that was adapted to the cold outside and a good pair of shoes. So far I am very pleased with the development and testing of the Squirrel sport sock.”
- Mona Forsnes, from Trondheim, Norway

”They are amazing!
- Johanna Löfgren from Malmö, Sweden

Soon we will deliver our new long version of the Squirrel, KORI Hare which fits perfect for higher boots as motorcycle boots, ski boots, snowboard boots, horse boots etc.

Read more about our Sporsocks at our website!

Friday, April 5, 2013

KORI at Form and Design center in Malmö

kori back protector backpack form och design center malmö disk

KORI is one of 14 projects who is selected to exhibit at the Form and Design center in Malmö for an exhibition together with DISK (Designer In Skanea) called ”Local / Real”

The association DISK is a nonprofit organization which is aimed at all professional designers working in the region in graphic design, architecture, industrial and product design, textile design.

- The idea of ​​the exhibition is to reflect the breadth and design expertise in the DISK, says Charlott Karlsson Knuth president of the association Designer in Skåne.

All members were invited to propose projects for the exhibition. The projects that will be displayed are selected in collaboration with the Form / Design Center.

DISC is working to spread information, increase collaboration and networking. DISK is an important meeting point and creative environment information channel.

- By mixing different design skills we enrich each other. We hope that the exhibition will create greater awareness of our members and to open up for several meetings between different areas such as design, culture, research, business and the public sector, says Charlott.