KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A happy coincidence or simply pure luck..

kori coyote back protector back pack with kori squirrel sport sock

We are very happy to announce that we managed to make both husband and wife happy on this years motorcycle fair.

The couple Morgan and Ewa came down from the north of Sweden to have a weekend in Stockholm in connection with the big motorcycle fair (MC-mässan).

On the fair they participated in the SMC-contest of announcing 2013 years "standard-motorcycle" which came to be Kawasaki ER6N. In this contest Morgan won second price which were a KORI Coyote, our back protectorand backpack!
As a happy winner Morgan, together with his wife Ewa drove north after the weekend and soon after Ewa got an email saying that she won first price in one of the smaller contests - and she won a pair of KORI Squirrel -our sport socks.

So, today we are sending out these two prices to the same household- to Ewa and Morgan, a happy coincidence or simply pure luck - that is gonna come sometime!

We are happy to have met this nice couple and we would like to congratulate them for their well won prices! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Whoever you are - Motorcycle Fair 2013

Right now in Stockholm, formerly known as the Swedish motorcycle exhibition "On Two Wheels", this year the fair has simplified its name to simply call itself "Motorcycle Fair 2013". A promising change from our view, as this brings out their well chosen and oh so true slogan: 

"Whoever you are"

They want to convey the message that anyone can drive a motorcycle, and it's really! Driving a motorcycle no longer needs to be about becoming a biker or in any way place you in the category of "motorcyclist". Driving a motorcycle is all about experiencing something special. Driving and being transported in a way that brings special feelings of freedom, flexibility and spontaneous.

These feelings are so special that they was the start of the entrepreneurial spirit that is the foundation of KORI, our passion, our products and our vision.

Some recognize that feeling on a pair of skis in the snow-capped mountain, on a mountain bike in challenging terrain or on a longboard on a steep slope. It's speed and movement, it is focus and concentration it is a challenge.

Whoever you are, you can ride a motorcycle - and what you will experience, you will most certainly love.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Wellness, good health and physical activity.

olenmark massage malmö

Margaret is a talented massage therapist, she has good body awareness and help her patients to get rid of both muscle aches, stiffness, back pain and breathing problems. Her motto is massage to feel good. Margaret knows the importance of staying physically active for the body to be strong and healthy. KORI is working with Margareta Olenmarks massage because we both valuate wellness, good health and physical activity.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Comfortable to wear and with an exquisite sense of material."

Kori - smart Swedish back protector with integrated backpack
Kori - smart Swedish back protector with integrated backpack

Kori has been in another product review, this time by Hagen Hoppe who is the editor of BUMSEN, BMW club members magazine. We are pleased that Hagen seemed convinced and satisfied with our KORI and he summerize s the back protector with three words:
Feeling of quality
Locally produced in Sweden

Observe correction in article: We only recommended to drive with KORI, folded  and flat, inside your jacket. If KORI is used as a backpack while driving, it is very important to note that the protective properties are significantly reduced and you should supplement with additional protection inside the jacket or in the jacket. This is mainly due to that the position over the spine can not be assured when placed on the outside of the motorcyclejacket, even the contents of the backpack affect the backprotectors protective properties.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wish-list for Santa Claus

kori experience made in sweden wish list 2012/2013

So we are back and we have a whole new year in front of us. We hope that everyone has had a nice Christmas holiday with family, friends, food and laughs. Did Santa give you what you wished for? On KORI’s wish-list for Santa you could find, among with other things:

- New happy customers
- Pocket money
- More friends
- A warm and long summer
- A motorcycle experience
- New stuff to put in our portfolio
Fewer accidents
… and it seems like KORI was quite nice last year because many things went from the wish-list to reality... though we have a few notes on the list that we still wished that Santa would have put in his sack (a warm and long summer for example), we'll keep them for next Christmas!

So to start up our wish-list for next year we’ll put..

- More happy customers
- New sports
- Pocket money
- A sunny and flowering spring
- A warm and long summer
- A beautiful and colorful autumn
- A white and sparkling winter
- More stuff to put in our portfolio
- A visit with a longer stay somewhere outside of Sweden 
- Useful gadgets
- More safety equipment
Fewer accidents
- More team members
- …
- ….

And more to come… so it is time so start showing Santa that we will earn these gifts.

2013 here we come!