KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tens of thousands motorcyclists protested in France

motorcycle demonstration in paris

The French are known to react massively when they are discontent. Maybe it’s in their blood since the French Revolution?
Last weekend French FEMA member FFMC raised its voice and called "for a different road safety policy". On Saturday, March 24, 70.000 riders protested all over France followed by 15.000 riders on Sunday in Paris. In view of the presidential elections FFMC delegations visited the offices of the main candidates to hand over the FFMC manifesto…

Thursday, March 22, 2012


kori genialiskt ryggskydd med inbygg ryggsäck
The text in english (from the swedish magazine) Snowmobile:

”Ingenious back protector with built-in backpack
This autumn I heard of the Swedish KORI, which at first looks like a common back protector. But when you look closer you discover a pair of zippers, and when you open those, the protector transforms into a backpack. Ingenious!
For best fitting and safety, KORI exists in three sizes: small, medium and large. As I already stated above, KORI is thus something as ingenious as a back protector with an integrated backpack.

CE-certified protector
Starting with the protector itself, it is CE-certified, 1621-2, Level 2. To meet these standards, the back protector must protect the spine and the soft tissue against shocks and knocks. To get certified according to the higher standard, Level 2, the energy from the test hits should correspond to 50 Joules. On the inside of the protector, the average value of the impact from all the hits (at least five different points), should not exceed 9 kilo newton.
KORI has chosen to bet on the protection material D3O Viper Pro for the back protector. Although it feels alarmingly soft when you touch it, it has a surprisingly good ability to damp the energy from shocks and knocks.

Adjustable storage space
When you've unfolded the backpack it offers 30, 35 or 38 liters of storage space, depending on which size of the KORI you've chosen. With some elastic drawstrings, you can adjust the pack so that it's conforms exactly to its contents and does not flap.

The material is made of a durable and somewhat "slippery" nylon fabric, easy to keep clean. Right through, the back protector/backpack feels of very high quality with nice details. Proper straps eith a body-belt, ensure that KORI fits like a glove.

Small compartments and cargo loops missing
The backpack consists of only one big pack. Personally, I would like to have at least one small compartment for little things and some loops for a spade and other.

Moreover, I think that the cover has its faults. It is closed with a drawstring and Velcro and if you're not careful with folding the upper part of the pack (as on a canoe pack), snow and water easily can find its way into the pack.

Apart from these details, KORI is an ingenious innovation which, with some refinement, is a supreme product. KORI costs 4000 kr. More information at

Friday, March 9, 2012

An innovative back protector

kori an innovative back protector

The Swedish motorcycle magazine Motorrad nr3 (mars 2012), also writes about one of the news from the fair:
KORI - an innovative back protector
A back protector that unfolds into a bag, sounds smooth, doesn't it? The Swedish company KORI has developed a CE-certified back protector that fits under the jacket or the leather suit. When you stop you can easily fold it out and get a backpack.
- In this bag I have trousers, jacket, helmet and gloves, says Sophie von Wachenfeldt, who designed the protector.
The protector included in KORI, comes from the British D3O. It is flexible, it breathes and is certified Level 2. KORI is produced in Småland and the price is 4000kr.”
You can also read the article from the fair at Fastbikes.se:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Peter on snowmobile adventure

kori back protector on a snowmobile

kori back protector on a snowmobile
Peter Granbrant, a keen snowmobiler from Norrbotten, will be testing KORI in different types of snowmobiling. He previously has bad experience from back protectors and has therefore been snowmobiling without for many years. Peter got interested in the KORI concept that includes the soft and flexible D3O-protector. As a former motorcyclist, Peter draws quite a lot of parallels between motorcycling and snowmobiling.

The first day with KORI on, and on his way to a snowmobile event a couple of Swedish miles away, he very soon gets the confirmation of having made the right choice today, wearing a back protector.

500 meters from home, and after a few tenth of a second of inattention, one of the skis plunges into the snow. The snowmobile stops and overturns and Peter is thrown off at nearly 100km/h. After two solid impacts on the back, he stands up, establishes that he is ok and continues his journey, wondering: “Karma or KORI?”

When arriving at the event, Peter sure had a lot to tell =). He feels that the interest for protection among snowmobilers has grown.

In the evening, the back felt a little stiff but the next morning, Peter basically felt nothing at all. So he took a trip up the Stor Jons Berget. No “stunts” this time =) but a rather sweaty off-road drive upwards the 250 meters high mountain.

At the summit, Peter was surprised that he wasn’t the least wet-sweaty on his back (which he had been before with other protectors). Peter wore KORI for 8 hours without taking it off, despite coffee and talk pauses with people all along the way. He feels that the protector keeps his back warm enough when he takes a pause and that it’s flexible.

We are very happy that the KORI-protector arrived in time!