KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maybe a new product for KORI?

Product development goes foreward! This could be the next KORI product - a new KORI accessory! Here, Martina and Anna is showing the first prototyp, the design is starting to take shape! Super Exciting- tomorrow it is time for their graduation presentation at Malmö Högskola where they will present this project! 

new possible kori product in developement...
The prototype... 
new possible kori product in developement...
one way to get the storege with you..
new possible kori product in developement...
...is to put it on your KORI back protector!

new possible kori product in developement...
and when you drive you put it on the bike!
new possible kori product in developement...
Anna and Martina discussing the result :-)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A perfect day on and off the bike…

To enjoy the spring weather and get to enjoy something that is otherwise stringydistances and still be prepared presentable. It is a freedom and flexibility to quickly get used to and take for granted...

.a day full of meetings with the kori back protector that is no problem
A quiet and early morning, heading out for a day full of interesting meetings ..

a day full of meetings with the kori back protector that is no problem, kori backpack is packed with motorcycle equipment
First stop: breakfast seminar with Trade-organisation in the city-center of Lund. Parks motorcycle outside a gallery and  with the KORI back protector packed with equipment a took a moment get inspired the painting displayed in the window..
motorcycle equipment is thrown on the motorcycle
Second stop: a meeting with the local newspaper in Kävlinge, a 10 km motorcycle ride from Lund. Sets the motorcycle a short distance from the address, I dress off the equipment put it on the motorcycle .... and pause to reflect for a moment "Did I carry all this around before ... before I had Kori ... or what did I do really ..." 
back protector is packed with equipment as a back pack
…then I packed up the equipment in the KORI backpack and went to the meeting ...
beautiful yellow canola fields viewed from the motorcycle
On the way to the next stop, I had to stop the motorcycle just to take in the scent of the bright yellow canola fields. .. it's a beautiful period in Scania and it is a fantastic day.
kori back protector is packed with motorcycle equipment becomes a big back pack
Last stop: back in the center of Lund

I sat down on a café to eat while waiting for the next meeting.

Martina and Anna, studying product developement and is in the middel of their thesis for KORI. They have made exiting progress during the spring, the meeting was a really good end to this day!