KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Monday, November 4, 2013

On our way to unforgettable ski trips...

active ski travel kori back protector
Per Strömberg, trying out KORI Coyote 1.0 
We are happy to present Active Ski Travel who will ski with the KORI Coyote 1.0 during the upcoming winterseason. We hope that this will lead to a collaboration that can bring our products on unforgettable ski trips all over the world!

Active Ski Travel is a swedish ski tour operator that has a focus on off-piste / freeride and everyone within Active Ski Travel has te knowledge of what complete freedom without compromising safety is all about, in other words, what they do represent all about what KORI stands for. With dedicated mountain guides they bring you to beautiful untouched locations. They have around 20 well-selected resorts in the Alps with big mountains and good snow security, a handful of locations in Scandinavia, several special trips, and now also ski trips to Japan and a very popular tour arrangement with "Pure concept" in beautiful wilderness environments such as Iceland. Read more on their webpage (in swedish): http://www.activeski.se/

Unforgettable skiing, all over the world... 

Active Ski Travel Offpist Passo Tonale kori back protector backpack
Active Ski Travel, off piste, Passo Tonale
offpist andermatt helena kyle kori back protector backapck
Active Ski Travel, off piste Andermatt. Photo: Helena Kyle

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's like silk for the soul...

We want to share with you an amazing experience from one of our users Margareta Olenmark who's been hiking with KORI Squirrel sport socks in the alps of Switzerland:

hiking gotthard massif kori squirrel hiking sock

hiking gotthard massif kori squirrel hiking sock
Once a year, I go hiking in the Alps, this time we went to the Gotthard massifs in Switzerland. It's like silk for the soul to go along with someone you really like and just enjoy presence. Talking sometimes , being quiet most of the time and just listening to the silence. Being away from all the dos and donts and all the stress. The words that are repeated time after time is "ohh how beautiful it is" or "oh, life is good". The only thing you see are mountains all around, maybe another person, an ibex and perhaps marmots if you're lucky. 

Each day, we took about 6 hours of hiking up and down mountains , trails, rocks and streams. It is important to to walk in good shoes and socks, comfortable shorts and top while carrying a heavy backpack with content that will suffice, in our case, for 3 days. You get warm and sweaty, so a quick cooling plunge in a spring or alp-lake wasnt wrong at all and then a small picnic with a good wine which we had in your backpack - WONDERFUL.

In the evening it is nice to dressoff, letting the shoes and socks dry in the chalet until the next day, finnishing the day with a good soup or pasta and a cold beer before falling asleep, of course, first a look at the black night sky with thousands of stars that light up for me and for others.

Next day looks the same but with a little pain in the legs and neck, though, as the masseur I am it is easily solved with a little massage and some Arnica and Magnesium that I have with me. It is not difficult to start the next day's hike when you encounter the sun rising over the the mountain peaks, at 2500m above sea level with beautiful clear air, amazing view - we talk sometimes , we are quiet most of the times ...
hiking gotthard massif kori squirrel hiking sock

hiking gotthard massif kori squirrel hiking sock

hiking gotthard massif kori squirrel hiking sock

hiking gotthard massif kori squirrel hiking sock

Friday, September 20, 2013

Product development - creativity is at its peak!

product delvelopement kori d3o swedish sport equipment

product delvelopement kori d3o swedish sport equipment

Creativity is at its peak right now - our future products seem promising - we'll just get to the last details before we get out of the "fog" ..... but right now it feels very good for next season :-)

Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: KORI Coyote when motorcycling.

kori back protector backpack d3o ducati hypermotard andreas jungerup

Review from Andreas Jungerup, an experienced motorcyclist:

I drive my motorcycle quite a lot, 90 km to work and back every day and when there is time and weather I drive even more than that. Right now I drive a Yamaha XVS 650 dragstar but I have also driven a sport touring bike and I like to test drive different motorcycle styles. I have used KORI every day to work, so the back protection has been frequently used :-).

I've tried a few different back protector with different types of uses and design (cross, biker, race, etc.). The KORI back protector is brilliant, however, perhaps the height of it could be shortened to make it more comfortable with slim jackets as the protection takes up too much space.

The plus side with KORI is that it's has a very wide kidney / waist belt which provides a comfortable support and does not slide around like others do. Especially not when I drove and moved around on the bike too loosen up during a long ride.

The straps across the chest is also positive, the protection fits better and feels more secure.

The weight is not a problem, it feels light both when driving and when taking a walk.

As a back protector that can be folded into a backpack I think it's a very good idea, for example, when I went with a motorcycle cortege that ended with a walk in a park, a few concerts and some food. In that situation it was perfect to drive with the KORI protection and then be able to have the clothes in the backpack when I walked around.

In my everyday driving, going to work and back, I usually drive with a backpack and it gets a bit too much on the back with both KORI inside your jacket and another backpack outside. If you would have a topbox to put the other stuff in, so you do not need to have the extra backpack, it would work much better.
kori back protector backpack d3o ducati hypermotard andreas jungerup

Friday, August 23, 2013

Creative brainstorm!

creative workshop building business

We are once again heading for a transitional period, warma summer days will shift to the beautiful autumn colors and a longing for snow and white landscape. Perfect timing for a creative meeting about the present and especially the future...

What remains is to live up to our discussions - what they're all about remains to be seen;-)

creative workshop building business branding

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Riding with KORI Coyote and KORI Hare

riding sport sock kori hare back protector kori coyote

A greeting from our nature loving Martina Larsson, who this time has been out for a lovely horse ride:
"Here we were on a horse ride in beautiful "Kullaberg". At this activity, I use kori back protection both before the ride and during the ride. I also got the chance to test kori hare sportsock for the first time. 

On my way there, I use kori coyote as a backpack, packed with my riding helmet, riding gloves and a sweater. Once on the horse, I used kori coyote just like a back protection. During the ride, I didn't reflect that I had the protector on me, it felt comfortable and I felt safe and secure when we galloped through the woods. A great feeling really! I was absolutely freedom together with safety! The Kori hare sport sock worked great in the riding boots, they sat well on foot and all the way up the calf and the socks thinness and lightness, really helped the foot breathe!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Through europe on motorcycle!

motorcycle trip europe kori coyote back protector backpack
A greeting from Jonas who once again been on an impressive motorcycle journey through Europe. It is inspiring to see his pictures of what it is to experience different places and cultures by traveling around on a motorcycle, we are pleased to be a part that simplifies and compliment his trip, let yourselves get inspired!

"So, we have been out on a trip again and this time we were in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. I have been driving with the Kori back protector and I do not think about it, feels like it is  with the body.
We went shopping in Samnaun in Switzerland and then I had kori on all the time, it was only when I got back to the motorcycle that I thought about having it with me.
On our trip, we visited among others Postojna Cave in Slovenia where you travel by train into the cave a few miles and then walk around in there. We have also been in Arabba which is my favorite place when it comes to great motorcycle roads!"

Now Jonas is home again and he is already planning for next year's motorcycle trips! Thank you Jonas for sharing!
motorcycle trip europe kori coyote back protector backpack

motorcycle trip europe kori coyote back protector backpack

motorcycle trip europe kori coyote back protector backpack

motorcycle trip europe kori coyote back protector backpackmotorcycle trip europe kori coyote back protector backpack

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Climbing and running with KORI Coyote

Martina Larsson climbinb in Kullaberg, Sweden

A greeting from our Martina Larsson, who spent a day climbing at "Kullen" in Sweden:

"I had good use of the Kori back protector, in a convenient and easy way I could pack my climbing gear in the backpack, helmet, shoes, harness, also got room left for an extra sweater, fruit, 2 water bottles. It has a wonderful volume. I have highlighted the spaciousness before but i would really want to emphasize it! The space is unbeatable! 

After climbing I got new energy and took a run home. In my experience it is surprisingly light and easy to run with the kori back protector. When I ran, I used it as a backpack, I had no climbing gear but I had water and a spare shirt with me. The waist strap gave an incredible good support and the backpack was stable! So, I definitely think you should go out on a run with kori back protector!"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

".. was impressed by the large volume!"

A greeting from one of our new KORI Coyote users - Martina Larsson, who was on a motorcycle trip with his father.

"We had nice sunny weather and really needed to take off all the warm clothes! Perfect with the bag! Although I knew that everything would fit, I was very impressed with the large volume, absolutely fantastic, we enjoyed a nice meal in shorts and t-shirt."

Thursday, July 18, 2013

With KORI Coyote motorcycling in the summer is great!

kori coyote back protector backpack motorcycle trip beach
After a nice motorcycle ride I am all packed and ready for a day the beach!

Sunshine and blue skies - its is a wonderful summerday! Perfect for a motorcycle trip with destination: the beach. By taking the motorcycle we'll have a nice ride to the beach, easier parking when we arrive to the beach and it simply gives us an overall summery experience for a perfect summer day!

Before the KORI back protector existed, "taking the motorcycle to the beach" meant something cumbersome and warm. To be fully covered with protective equipment in sunny summer heat was hardly something you longed for... to keep track of all the equipment and also keeping sand out was just hopeless ... AND this was often a sufficient arguments to select either motorcycle ride or taking the car to "a day at the beach".

Today, we do not give these troublesome thoughts any space, we do not need to choose between a motorcycle trip or going to the beach by car, we just get on the bike and ride away! 

Swimsuite is on, KORI and the rest of the safety equipment is on and a "day at beach" - here we come!
back protector backpack motorcycle trip beach
Just arrived with the motorcycle, all motorcycle equipment is on...sun is shining and it is hot... ... ...

kori coyote back protector backpack motorcycle trip beach
In an instant, all equipment is off - back protector is transformed to a backpack and now filled with all equipment!

And - just like that. I am ready to go to the beach! Like to join :-)?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She is training with KORI Squirrel!

Fia wants to enjoy the good life and training is a big part of that! 

Fia has a genuine interest in training and her main sports are roller skiing and running. Her training interest started for real after completing "En svensk klassiker" in 2009 (a Swedish classic = skiing 60/90km, biking 300km, swimming 3km and running 30km) during which she fell in love with skiing, both on wheels and on snow. Since then she has completed Vasaloppet 4  times and in 2013, she finnished 35th and in the Ladies' Vasa, she finnished 44th! 

This year she puts the stake even higher. A great part of the training is done with her boyfriend and training partner, Gustaf, a former middle distance runner, now focusing on roller skiing and cross-country skiing. They often travel to take part in different competitions and have been active in the ski club "Ski Team Skåne" since it started. 

Both Fia and Gustaf have tested many sport socks earlier and they say this about KORI Squirrel:

"One thing we really appreciate about KORI Squirrel is their length. It is a shorter ankle sock, but while other ankle socks are too short and easily slide down, KORI Squirrel work perfectly well even in the ski boots. We also appreciate them being breathable, good thickness and in a comfortable quality. We use them for roller skiing as often as for running or gym training. Another great plus is of course that they are as stylish as they are functional! :)"

Follow Fia on her blogg (in swedish)  

Friday, July 12, 2013

We want to share a summer greeting from one of our KORI users, Margareta, on a motorcycle trip to a wonderful beach on a lovely summer day.

"Comfortable with back protection which in an instant becomes a backpack so I can easily carry with me my motorcycle clothing o also avoid having sand in them."

Margareta goes motorcycling as often as the weather permits! She shares the interest with her husband and together they go on trips, visiting new places and wonderful destinations! The KORI-concept is something that compliment their motorcycle interest. By experience she is careful with her equipment and does not want to leave it on the motorcycle and carrying it with her was previously cumbersome or warm and hot. Now there are no more worries...

Thank you Margaret for this fine summer greeting!

Monday, June 24, 2013

KORI Squirrel in action

kori squirrel running sock malmö milen 2013

KORI Squirrel "in action" as Niklas is running the local running competition "Malmö-milen" last weekend, running 10kilometers in the center of Malmö. It was a warm summer day but despite the heat he got in at 41.37, well done! 

Niklas has the dream limit to run 10 kilometers under 40 minutes. To achieve this, he just started adding interval training on to the weekly schedule. Its exciting to follow the progress!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

KORI Coyote - what is the difference?

Backpack with back protector or back protector with backpack? Yes, I use the same words but turn them the other way around.. that is the biggest difference...though there are more.

The unique function with KORI Coyote is that you have your back protector and if you need, you can transform it into a backpack, there is no other product that is compared with that. 

Though, after folding out the backpack you suddenly have several product that can be compared to the KORI Coyote, to name some of them:

Boblbee - also a Swedish brand with a high-class hard-shell backpack that also is certified as a back protector. As it is a hard-shell backpack it is perfect to store your camera-equipment, your computers or other things that. 

Compared to KORI Coyote - Boblbee is a hard-shell backpack, with a given size, can be slightly larger but not smaller and thinner, it is always a backpack..

EVOC Freeride - a german company with a line of bike and snow backpacks with integrated back protector. They have several different models of the backpacks with different specialized features. The backpack can be taken of with a zipper if you like to use the back protector separately without the backpack. The packs are given a certain volume often around 16-20L. Another brand with similar backpacks as EVOC is Ortovox. 

Compared to KORI Coyote - EVOC has a range of small size backpacks with integrated back protectors. If you like to use them only as a back protector you take of the backpack and leave it at home.

So compared as a backpack the biggest difference is the flexibility in volume. KORI can be totally flat as a back protector or large as a hiking pack - and everything there in-between! 

kori coyote back protector backpack volume varation
illustrating the flexibility as the backpack adapts to its content
If you only have you water-system in the pack there is no need to have it larger than the volume of the water. If you on the other hand need to pack a jacket, an extra set of changing of things, your helmet or likely, you have the possibility form the pack so that it fits the content. In short words. Instead of being a fixed product - KORI Coyote adapts to your needs, and not the overall needs, instead the need you have right here right now 

- that is simply what makes the KORI Coyote back protector backpack unique..

Thursday, June 6, 2013

KORI Made in Sweden

June 6, Sweden's national day. We celebrate this day with a one-week offer on KORI Coyote and today, to honor the day, we wish to once again draw attention to our manufacturing and production in Sweden.

It all started when we needed a factory for the development of the concept, moving from one home sewn prototype to a production-ready-product. The closer to the final product we arrived we realized how many factors that play in to get an accurate delivery in the end. Since we had a great relationship, effective communication, and above all we shared the understanding of quality, we felt that there was no reason to look further afield to produce our products. We wanted a stable quality- and delivery control - and we got it!

We have a recent example of the tragedy in Bangladesh, we constantly hear about disasters in both India and China, and we constantly see examples of unfair treatment of factory workers. Today, with the manufacturing culture that exists around the world, we would not be able to stand for the same safe and honest emotion that our products convey. Today, we feel that it is natural for us to retain production in Sweden. We are presently working together with three factories and we want to pay them all a big thank you for a fantastic collaboration, it is with great joy and pride.

Above is a movie from the first set of KORI Coyote, our back protector / backpack, filmed at Moberg Factory amid the forests of "Småland".
Photo: Fia Jobs

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Transformed from being a back protector into a backpack!

New videos up on YouTube! See how KORI Coyote transformed from being a back protector into a backpack that holds all safety equipment, jacket trousers and a helmet!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Motorcycle trip down to Normandie

kori back protector back pack normandie invasion beaches

kori back protector back pack normandie invasion beaches

A greeting from one of our most satisfied KORI users, Jonas who just returned from this year's first motorcycle trip. This time the journey went to Normandy, where he among other things visited the invasion beaches.

When Jonas goes on a motorcycle trip he drives motorcycle all the way, this time with the exception of boat ferry Gothenburg-Kiel, so there is a couple miles per trip. This time the spring air wa cool, both while driving and when off the bike but just as before Jonas appreciate the softness and comfort of KORI and also on this trip it felt nice having an extra insulating layer against the cool spring air.

In July its time for the next trip by, then Jonas will drive his motorcycle down through Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. A summer trip with warmer air and the need to want to take off more becomes more apparent.

We look forward to hear from him then!

Read more about Jonas here!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rapido, a motorcycle club - driving motorbikes and hanging out

sebastian von wachenfeldt kori experience back protector backpack

Imaging what a machine on two wheels can create, in addition to being a way of transportation, it's an incredible feeling of freedom and a starting point for socialisation. Often, motorcycle clubs mentioned in the media in connection with criminal gangs but there are many nice and non-criminal motorcycle clubs based in a culture where people gather to share the joy of driving, adventures and just hanging out. A motorcycle club like this is Rapido, a motorcycle club in the Swedish capital Stockholm with 160 members, almost half girls and with people from all types of professions. They meet and go on tours, having barbecues and meet up to have a nice time together, nothing more, nothing less.

KORI met Rapido last Saturday when they had their event in Stockholm, a very nice initiative and several other exhibitors where there. Thanks for a nice event, Rapido!

Above is an article about Rapido written about motorcycle clubs of Jacques Wallner for the Swedish Daily News (Dagens Nyheter).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thinking about the disaster in Bangladesh...

textile industry bangladesh

We're talking about that we manufacture our products in Sweden "with the environment impact and the living standards that we feel that we can stand for", and this may appear to be empty words but it is just examples like these that made us take this decision, the disaster in Bangladesh where over 1,100 textile workers lost their lives.. who would want to stand for that ..
We feel that we are too small to make the kind of demands that would give us full control of what happens in a factory on the other side of the globe, in a culture that we can not compare ourselves with and with a standard of living that makes these conditions considered to be ok ...
What is interesting in this discussion is that not even major companies, global companies such as H&M proves to have the strength (or desire) to achieve full control and take responsibility for their factories ...
When we want to visit our factory here in Sweden so we jump into the car and a few hours later, we sit and have a coffee discussing the production. It is an incredible security and a comfort, not the least that we feel safe with the laws and regulations in Sweden, but also our communication and close contact with production managers and seamstresses the credibility that we want to make us proud of our production and products!
Yes, our prices are higher than our competitors - but we also make sure to fill our products with a user value and a functional value that matches our pricing. In addition to this value, one should not extenuate the security of buying a product that is made with a standard of living that allows our factory workers to go to work each day without having to be concerned, either for themselves, their colleagues or their families.
KORI - Made in Sweden!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Running in Rome with KORI Squirrel

kori squirrel sport sock running heat test in rome

A greeting from Niklas who's been to Rome testing our KORI Squirrel running sock in the summer heat:

"We've just been to Rome and driven product testing of squirrel at the Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo or as the Italians say). Highly approved, as usual! From now they are therefore also tested in 25 ° heat. "- Niklas, one of our satisfied KORI Sqiurrel users!

Read more about Niklas – here!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The days of the motorcycles.


This weekend it was the day of the motorcycles! Spring is here and the sun was shining!

KORI was present at one of the largest motorcycle stores in the capital, Stockholm. Meff and Sebastian was there introducing motorcyclist to this new concept that can give them more flexibility and freedom on the bike - without compromising with safety!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Protection when motorcycling and when skiing!

soft comfortable back protector backpack skiing kori coyote

Anders has been driving motorcycles for years and he always drives with a back protector, but he would never put on his motorcycle back protection when skiing "you have other demands on movement when skiing than when riding a motorcycle." 
Anders has been away skiing with KORI Coyote on his back. He experienced the feeling of protection as "You even forget that you have it on, did not even think about it, but very nice to feel protected on the skis too".
Anders did not get the opportunity to use the backpack feature during, but he feels the practical benefit of always having extra storage ready if needed. On the motorcycle, however, he feels that the feature to make transform the back protector to the backpack is brilliant - now he just waits in the spring.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

And the second name is...

The winner of the KORI Hare (worth 200kr) is: Yasmine Sevelin-Yxpil. Congratulations!!


And the first name is...

The winner of the KORI Coyote (worth 3250kr) is: Petra Holmlund. Congratulations!!


We celebrate the arrival of spring!

Today we would like to celebrate Valborg and that spring finally has arrived. We do that by having a toss. We will choose by picking names among all the wonderful people in our network, that have followed KORI experience one way or the other. The 1st name we pick, wins a KORI Coyote, the back protector that unfolds into a backpack! The 2nd name we pick, wins KORI Hare, the popular sport sock, now also in knee length!