KORI began as a groundbreaking innovation for motorcyclists, a vision of perfect freedom and uncompromised safety.
Today, we are growing into a brand with genuinely developed products with high Swedish made quality and we have
taken our vision of freedom and safety to meet sports enthusiasts with different specializations that and likeminded needs.

For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
In this blog you will follow our journey and our inspirations.

KORI Encouraging Freedom. Encouraging Safety.

Friday, March 1, 2013

We are lowering the price KORI Coyote

We are lowering the price of KORI Coyote from 450€ to 395€ and no, we are neither lowering by moving the production from Sweden nor by lowering the quality. Instead, we build sustainable relationships with both suppliers, partners and resellers and we  work with efficient logistics and delivery.

We do this because we want to show that we can keep the Swedish manufacturing and Swedish quality while reaching more people.

The new price applies from 1 March and the new price still includes free delivery within Europe.