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For us it is the feeling and experience of the sport or activity that sets focus on which needs to be solved and how
the products should be designed.

Our first product, KORI-D3O which is a new concept of back protectors that can be transformed into a back pack.
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Helmet and back protector is a good investment

The Swedish newspaper Dayly news (Dagens Nyheter, DN) wrote last week (2013-02-09) a good article on protective equipment for skiiers and snowboarders. In the article Alf Lerner, a doctor and director of the medical center Åre (Åre is one of Sweden's most visited and popular Skidby in northern Sweden), described his experiences how the injury situation have changed since people began to use protective equipment.

- If you want to come home from the mountains with all body parts intact, a helmet, a back protector and wrist protectors are a good investment. Says Alf.

Every year there are about 10 000 seriously injured skiers in Sweden. With the increased use of helmets, back protector and wrist protectors the last years has  made a big difference.

- The number of injuries has not decreased, but we find that many injuries are significantly lighter thanks to the protectors. In particular, the number of serious concussions and back injuries has decreased. Those who do not have protection, the uglier fractures than those using protection. Says Alf.

At the health center where Alf works in Are they receive 2,000 injured skiers each winter season. Alf recommends that all skiers should at least have a proper helmet. But a back protector should also belong to the basic equipment, according to him. says Alf.

- Back protector does not protect against the compression you can get if you land hard and the spine is compressed, but it can protect against spinal fractures if you get a hit - if you land on your back, or collide with something or collide with another skiier. - Alf Lerner

At KORI, we have talked a lot with skiers and the difference between skiing and motorcycling is  mainly that skiers requires much more movement than motorcyclists, one reason that the previous hard plastic protectors and even the stiff 'soft' protectors have not managed to break through completely. That is why we are incredibly excited to work with D3O that has the most superior protective material. When one tries a KORI protection with d3o the reactions is - it's even comfortable.
That is what is important - the protection should ”even be able to be comfortable”. And why not practical too :-)

After what we have been notices, we have already saved aback of a user who otherwise would not have used a back protector because he did not feel comfortable with the previous ones... We look forward to saving more.